Stainless Steel Fly High X-Pole - W2900

build: stainless steel

The original Fly High is still the only high quality stainless steel pylon on the market made to fit 2½" pylons. It splits into two pieces for easy storage in a ski locker or bow of your boat. It’s the only extended pylon with a delron swivel at the top and at pylon height. The Fly High’s superior strength and safety comes from our dual stainless steel cable system. It has a poly carbonate sleeve inside to protect your factory pylon. The Fly High Pylon has a plastic sleeve inside to protect and eliminate vibration and wear.

The X-Pole is all aluminum, anodized black and made to fit 2½” pylons. This monster is similar to the stainless steel Fly High but is one piece instead of two. It also has a poly carbonate sleeve inside to protect your factory pylon and our dual stainless steel cable system.

Aluminum Fly High X-Pole - W913X

build: aluminum

Pro Ski Pylon - W411 / W412

build: stainless steel

The Pro Ski Pylon comes in two forms, fixed and adjustable. The fixed version of the pylon is 45” tall while the adjustable version can be set to a height from 32”-57”. (W411 - adjustable height / W412 - fixed height)

The Bass Boat Pylon is designed to utilize the seat mount of your bass boat. It can be quickly installed and removed and has two telescoping support arms that provide stability.

Bass Boat Pylon - W404

build: stainless steel

Pro Deck Master Pylon - W400

build: stainless steel

The Pro Deck Master Pylon was designed with a base on a hinge to be fitted to more then just horizontal surfaces on boats. It’s design is simple yet effective.

The Ski Tow Hitch can be mounted to the transom of boats.

Ski Tow Hitch - W403

build: stainless steel

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