Rope Guide - W912

build: aluminum

The Rope Guide can be used with all Fly High towers and the stainless steel Fly High X-Pole. It quickly attaches to the delron swivel and helps keep the rope off your racks and out of the boat. There is no need for someone hold the rope after a rider falls to keep it from hanging up on a board rack or the rear platform. The Rope Guide is simple, but saves the headache of a tangled line.

Fits our extended pylons allowing you to adjust the height of the attachment point for the rope. It’s convenient to have if your teaching someone to ride and they are intimidated by the height of the extended pylon. (W2902 for 2½” pylons / W2902-3 for 3” pylons)

Delron Height Adjuster - W2902 / W2902-3

build: aluminum and delron

Board Pads - W2925

customize your look

You can customize the look of your tower with these color board pads.

The Easy Footer is the most valuable training tool for barefoot beginners. This handle offers the perfect support and makes it virtually impossible to fall, allowing individuals to focus more on their foot and body positioning. This product includes an instructional DVD where Mike Seipel demonstrates how to properly utilize the Easy Footer to achieve the perfect glide.

We only recommend using this product with B.I. Booms. The reason for this is because other booms on the market have inferior clamps which could fail due to the high amounts of stress created by the Easy Footer.

TIPS: For information on how to properly use the Easy Footer, see the quick tips section of our support page.

Easy Footer - B228

works with any B.I. boom

Foot Skis - B115

(One size fits all)

Made of high density polyethylene with toe bindings and foam cushioned straps.

TIP: Your feet must be centered front to back for them to work properly. With your feet in the bindings, tap the toes on the floor of the boat to slide your feet forward until they are centered. To do this, you will need to use binding slime or dish soap with the foot skis & your feet wet.

DVD features World Champion Barefooter Mike Seipel, one of the sports most recognized individuals.

Barefoot Instructional DVD - B144

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